The debate becomes: at what point do you become the object you’re satirizing? At what point are you supplying the culture with the thing you hoped to skewer? Is Spring Breakers supposed to be a skewering at all? Is the joke so meta that it only works when the artist’s career is scrutinized as a whole? Hopefully not. Hopefully we’ll be able to see criticism unfolding on the screen. Hopefully Spring Breakers will be to pop-reality-TV-superficial-inanity what Funny Games was to commercial-cinematic-sadism: an interrogation, and an exploration, in one cunning swipe.

For now, our only hope for blistering self-awareness comes from a cultish chant, branding the product as we encounter it for the first time. For now all we have is the whispering of two words over and over through the trailer’s climax: spring break spring break spring break.

-Max Berwald



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  1. Dolan Chorng

    I’d like to think that this film will be a satire on the idiocy and superficiality of our youth, but one that is demonstrated visually (rather than narratively). I say this since Korine himself has been quoted saying the film is all about surfaces while telling DP, Benoit Debie (of Enter the Void), that he wanted the film to look like candy, as if it was lit by Skittles.

    I do see what you’re saying though about the dangers of becoming the very thing you’re satirizing… I recall a similar debate with Scream 4, a film that manages to be both a solid genre film and an exploration on the state of horror today compounded with some social commentary. Hopefully Spring Breakers can do the same and be exploitation and social satire simultaneously.

  2. Max Berwald

    It’s an excellent point (and sign) that Benoit Debie is involved. This will be an interesting point between his work with Loktev and Noe… and ‘Get the Gringo.’ Hopefully more on the Noe end of the spectrum. It sounds like he is already under good direction if the ‘skittles’ quote is real.

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