The Castro’s November calendar boasts a slightly (way) improved lineup over October’s. Looking forward into the month we’ve got:

NOV 7: The Game and Zodiac double bill. Wow: incredible double bill featuring two strongly unconventional mystery films by David Fincher. Both films were shot with unsettling nerve and verve by the incredible Harris Savides (RIP) on location in San Francisco. Zodiac boasts some of the best acting talent in the world working off an uncommonly smart screenplay (especially for this lavish budget.) This is one of the highlights of the month.

NOV 9- 11: Three day Natalie Wood retrospective, with Lana Wood in attendance for the centerpiece. Two double bills and a triple bill. The highlight might be the relentlessly odd Sunday triple, which will begin with a matinee sing-a-long of West Side Story (it must be said that this is probably the all-time most punishing way to experience the classic.) Then comes Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and finally Inside Daisy Clover. This looks to be a rare screening, and one that will truly, deeply test my established commitment to see any film featuring Ruth Gordon.

NOV 13: Double bill of Lawless, John Hillcoat’s kinda sorta overlooked gangster movie (yes, that one with Shia LaBeouf in it; wipe that look off your face) and Killer JoeWilliam Friedkin’s extremely intriguing adaptation of Tracy Letts’ play. Lawless has a Nick Cave score, and is probably mandatory viewing if you loved The Proposition and want to see what Hillcoat’s up to. Killer Joe is mandatory viewing if you loved Bug (other points of interest: NC-17, and a much buzzed about Mathew McConaughey performance that– I’m told– you have to see to believe.)

NOV 14: Ira Sachs double bill. Keep The Lights On and Forty Shades Of BlueSachs enjoys an increasingly solid reputation in the American festival scene and I’m eager to see both of these, although: I haven’t. “Memorable love,” and “simmering tragedy” are two phrases floating in the Castro’s synopses.

NOV 15: The Diving Bell And The Butterfly in a double bill with The Intouchables. I won’t say anything about the The Intouchables but since Diving Bell exploded onto the scene in 2007 it hasn’t begun to age. It’s relentlessly original, effortlessly fresh glimpse at the universal through the personal. Where has this Julian Schnabel gone? Come see it on the big screen.


NOV 17-18: Double bill of Port Of Shadows and Grand IllusionThe French Tradition of Quality never looked so good. Marcel Carne and Jean Renoir both directing Jean fucking Gabin (respectively.) Two incredible films on the big screen, Port of Shadows tying in with the recent Castro screenings (and Criterion reissue) of Children of Paradise, and Grand Illusion tying in with… the brutal empathy and heady timelessness of Renoir. You’ll also be getting Grand Illusion on a newly restored print. Port of Shadows will be projected digitally, but promises to remain beautiful.

NOV 19: Double bill of Sleepwalk With Me and The Science Of Sleepa clever turn of programming that promises to be as fun as it sounds. Comedian Mike Birbiglia’s hilarious debut (from this year) playing alongside Gondry’s 2006 live-action-melancholic cartoon (engaged in a permanent/productive flirtation with surrealism.)

Check the Castro’s schedule for more!

-Max Berwald


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